How to Learn Development

本文是近期为学弟学妹们演讲时用 Logseq 整理的大纲,在此记录一下,以备复用。 Intro https://guzhongren.github.io/about/ Know yourself Do you really like computer science??? 灵魂三问,你真的喜欢计算机科学吗?如果不喜欢早点放弃

Some Good Practices of Logging

Introduction Logging is structured or unstructured text information generated by the system during operation. Usually, it can be regarded as a record of an event by the application. Logging can often help us discover unexpected behaviors in systems, especially in some microservice architecture systems. As an important part of Observability, Logging plays an irreplaceable role in our system development and maintenance. The importance of logging To understand why logging plays